by Jenny aka limitless hiker

Limitless Hiker Academy

How many times have you tried to Google hiking or backpacking just to end up more confused then before you started?

It's ineffective. It's counterproductive. And quite simply, it's just NOT working.

It's leaving you confused, overwhelmed, and with nothing to show for all of the hours you've spent just trying to find a packing list that includes everything you need to bring with you.

If that actually worked…. You wouldn’t be here right now reading these words on this page, would you?

How do I know this?

First of all...I used to be that person wasting my time. In recent years, google searches like “beginners guide to backpacking” or “how to train for hiking” have dramatically increased. And though more people than EVER are getting out there thanks to the readily available information, there are also a lot of people who either give it a shot on their own and usually end up getting injured, lost, run out of water, or something else goes wrong. Or they're so paralyzed by the overload that don't get out there.

That's because you can't Google your way up the mountain.

And the reason for this is because the easily searchable and readily available rarely give you the bigger picture or all of the information. If they're even giving you correct information.

There are things you don’t even know to look for. Until you’re out there in the wilderness and realize there’s something you don’t know. Then you don't have cell reception to Google it.

Do you really want to put yourself in that situation?

Thankfully I learned that there is a way to make getting outdoors simple, doable, and most importantly attainable. It doesn't need to become this challenging monster you need to tackle. But rather something that is able to transform your life into one where you're only dreaming about seeing stunning places, to one where you're actually living your dreams.

Now THAT’s where all the fun begins.

Limitless Hiker Academy Waitlist

If you're ready to transform your reality to one even your dreams are jealous of, then join the waitlist and be the first to hear when the doors open again to join Limitless Hiker Academy.

    You might bring spam hiking with you, but you're not going to find any of it here.

    How many guidebooks have you bought? How many times have you looked something up? Are you any closer to getting to that mountain top?

    Without the structure, you’ll stay on this “hamster wheel” of trying to learn more and more, just to end up more confused and never take any action.

    A structure is designed to eliminate overwhelm and actually get you results. It is there to help you see the forest through the trees.

    Only once you put together the knowledge and skill set (without the important missing gaps), with the structure and accountability to help guide you on the path, that’s when you instantly transform to a Limitless Hiker.

    Limitless Hiker Academy isn’t just a bunch of information. It’s a transformational process that will take you from not ready, anxious, and overwhelmed, to the confident Limitless Hiker ready to hike any trail.

    We cover how to train to prevent injuries, to exactly what you need to bring with you when backpacking, to how to read maps and avoid getting lost, and so much more.

    From A… to B… to C… to mountain top.

    Ready to become limitless?